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Beautiful elegant gold cutlery with the kings pattern on the handle. Exude style and grace with this classic flatware adorning your tables (SKU number : CTL-00100)

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Elegant Gold

An exquisite curation of antique solid silver cutlery. All with elaborate and decadent designs. Perfect for a classic and elegant table design. (SKU number: CTL-00200)

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Antique Silver

A place setting of antique silver fork and spoons coupled with very old and beautiful  Sheffield bone handle knives. This is classic elegance at it’s best. (SKU: CTL-00300)…

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Silver & Bone

Japanese style fine dining Gold & White cutlery for hire. This cutlery exudes style and elegance. Create a cool and modern table with these one-off pieces (SKU:…

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Gold & White

Beautiful silver forks and spoons matched with old Dutch wooden knives. Create a perfectly rustic table setting using this combination. It’s rustic chic at it’s best.…

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Silver & Wood

Decadent and dramatic bronze cutlery for hire. A mismatched collection which will create a truly unforgettable table setting. WOW your guests with these highly original pieces. (SKU: CTL-00700)

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Decadent Bronze

A stylish collection of rustic wood handled cutlery. All pieces have been sourced from Holland and Belgium. These hard- to- find pieces will stun your guests…

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Old Dutch Wood

Exceptionally beautiful old French knives for hire. Slightly mismatched. They looks  fabulous with our solid silver forks and spoons (SKU: CTL-00800)  

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French Knives

Originating from the 1970s. A gorgeous mix of rich dark wood handles and bronze. The bronze is gold in colour. Exude sophistication with this unique style…

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Bronze & Rosewood

Beautiful 1970s cutlery made from nickel bronze. The bronze is gold in appearance and can add some serious cool to your table setting. This style of…

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Rustic Bronze Cutlery

COMING SOON No harm is done to the deer. They shed their horns naturally each year. (SKU: CTL-01100)

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Deer Horn Cutlery

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